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Battle Fitness was named to recognize each person's individual battle in fitness and in life. We recognize each person walks through the door with different goals, different starting points, and different obstacles.

We wanted to create a place that welcomed all levels of fitness with mad respect that each of them came ready for change and make their lives better through fitness and health.

This one things gives us all common ground. Anyone that recognizes the importance of movement and strength strives to have the best quality of life.

About Us



To help each person seeking out a better lifestyle WIN EACH DAY  by encouraging them to become stronger, move more, and provide the supportive atmosphere to do it.

Every body is capable of WINNING THEIR OWN BATTLE with the appropriate support and encouragement to challenge their current comfort zone.


to success

CONSISTENCY is #1- If you do anything for long enough, you will improve. The most fit people you can think of started somewhere. Days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into years as their body, mindset, and habits morphed into what it is today.

ACCOUNTABILITY- quitting on yourself isn't like quitting the highschool soccer team where you had others to disappoint. No one is there to tell you, you've failed them. You have only failed yourself. This is why we love training together as a group, to encourage like-minded individuals to work together and push each other. Working to challenge the last success and create new ones.

STRENGTH - should be a large part of any individual's training program. We do not discriminate here, we strongly believe everyone can benefit from becoming strong, regardless of age, gender, fitness level, weight, etc. You do not have to be the STRONGEST, just STRONGER.

NUTRITION - the ol' saying, "You cannot outtrain a bad diet", couldn't be more true. We try our best to TEACH healthier lifestyle through changing habits over time. It is much more sustainable to replace an old habit with a new one. With guidance and time, your daily routine will slowly evolve into a much healthier, active one.

Keys to success

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