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Battle Fitness Bootcamps

Bootcamps at Battle Fitness run in 6 week segments lead by a Certified Personal Trainer. These sessions are challenging and are designed to burn fat while increasing your cardiovascular conditioning and STRENGTH, We can show you progressions and regressions and how to push yourself appropriately. Or if you are a bit more advanced, we can step up the heat with additional weight or reps :) 

A group of ~15-20 people are warmed up through dynamic stretches and then moved into circuit style training including weights, TRX straps, resistance bands, and kettlebells. We sum up an already great workout with a finisher. Sessions last about 55 minutes.

You are motivated and guided by a qualified trainer and create ACCOUNTABILITY within a group. Plus the group makes the workouts challenging and FUN!

Next Session starts week of NOVEMBER 11th

Bootcamps are more than just how much weight you can lose. Our trainers try to help you figure out what YOU need to accomplish YOUR goals.

If you are ready to get STRONGER, HEALTHIER, and MORE FIT reserve your spot today!

$195 non-member

$180 members or returning bootcampers


Non Member: $12/per class

Member: $10/per class


Includes nutritional guidance and a private Facebook accountability group.


Optional: Discounted price ($10) on our Fit3D Proscanner to get precise starting AND ending measurements, 3D image, weight, and more!


Monday: 6am

Tuesday: 6:30pm

Wednesday: 6am

Thursday: 6:30pm

Friday: 6am

Saturday: 8am and 9am

If you are a new bootcamper, please sign up HERE

If you are a member or returning bootcamper, please sign up HERE

If you have questions or need help signing up call us during staffed hours!


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