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Owner/ Trainer

Jenny is a graduate of MSU with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. She is passionate about health and fitness and loves helping others learn and meet their goals! She is always setting goals with her clients and for herself. She grew up in sports all through highschool and some intramural activities in college. Once she really learned what strength training can do for one's body and mind, she started training more rigorously and then decided to help others find a similar path.


For Fun: Lift...duh! And other things, shop, beach, read, hike, travel...


Favorite Healthy Snack: Greek yogurt with something crunchy.


Favorite Cheat Meal: ICE CREAM!



Owner/Club Relations

As one of the owners of Battle Fitness, Jack strives to keep the club atmosphere good natured and community based. His main goal is to make sure each member feels welcome and part of the Battle Family.


Jack's jokester personality gets people laughing quickly and relieves the stress and nerves of coming to a new gym with a good sequence of "Dad Jokes".


Favorite Cheat Meal: What's cheating?


Favorite Healthy Snack: sauteed veggies with eggs


What does he love about Battle Fitness?: Regardless of their reason for being here, I appreciate that the variety of people and personalities still have the ability to create a community revolving around one thing.

Alison photo.jpg


Member Relations

Alison attended Macomb Community College where she studied web programming.  After moving to the Traverse City area in 2013, she discovered a passion for running.  She paired that with her passion for cooking and started documenting her journey to hopefully inspire and help others.  She has always had a drive for good health food consumption with a strong belief in quality over quantity, which made this even more important after being diagnosed with Celiac.  Alison also spends time serving in her church doing tech production for kids’ services and volunteering for other family events. 

For Fun: Kayaking, beach, rock hunting, hiking, running, photography, cooking, and baking.

Favorite Healthy Snacks: Veggies and Hummus or peanut butter….and pickles.

Favorite Cheat Meal: Gluten Free Doughnuts!!... and peanut butter.     

Meet Our Staff



Member Relations

Pursuing ISSA- Personal Training

CPR Certification



Brian grew up in Frankfort Michigan where he graduated in 1989. He started working at a gym in 1992 and became a Certified Personal Trainer in 1998. Brian always wants to challenge himself and set new PRs. He is working towards being recertified as a personal trainer.



For Fun: Lifting heavy stuff, hiking, kayaking, swimming, water activties, reading, learning and hanging with family and friends.


Favorite Healthy Snack: Protein Pancakes


Favorite Cheat Meal: Anything Little Debbie!




NASM Certified Personal Trainer/Group Instructor/Corrective Exercise Specialist


Growing up in Colorado, Ian played every sport imaginable and loved being outdoors. His passion for sports, performance, and working with people inspired him to take his professional life from the office to the gym. Ian has been certified as a personal trainer by NASM for over 2 years and continues to add to his knowledge in helping his clients reach their fitness goals with certifications in Corrective Exercise and Nutrition as well. Whether you’re an athlete looking to take your performance to the next level or new to fitness with plenty of aches and pains, train with Ian to reach your fitness goals!


For fun: Hiking, biking, golf, baseball - any sport at all - maybe some video games on the side


Favorite healthy snack: Yogurt and granola


Favorite cheat meal: Chocolate Fudge Pop-Tarts

Annemarie photo.jpg



- Bachelors of Science in Health Fitness - Preventive and Rehabilitative Studies

- NSCA Certified Personal Trainer 2007-Current

- CETI Cancer Exercise Specialist 2016-Current

- CETI Certified in Human and Biomedical Research 2018-Current

- Sportsmetrics Injury Prevention Certification 2008

- Cowell Family Cancer Center Oncology - -- Fitness Navigator 2016-Current

- Co-Founder of the Journey Program™: a free 10-week group exercise program for cancer patients


Annemarie is a Leelanau County native that is passionate about helping people with medical restrictions reach their fitness goals. She works with clients that may have chronic disease, orthopedic injuries, and those coming off physical therapy wanting to continue with an exercise program. She specializes in working with cancer patients and teaches Silver Rebels classes for seniors at Battle Fitness. She approaches all individuals with patience and a positive attitude. Outside of the gym she enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 kids, cooking, gardening, and enjoying all of the activities that our area has to offer.


For Fun: Read, paddleboard, ski

Favorite Healthy Snack: Nuts, banana, avocado

Favorite Cheat Meal: Nachos with homemade salsa



Spin/Group Instructor

Certifications: ASFA Cycling Certification



Jessa was born in Traverse City but has spent most of her adult life living away from the area. She found her love of fitness and the beginning of her journey while living in NYC and attending "boutique fitness classes". Ranging from spin, HIIT, boot camps, weight training and more, attending almost every day. Her love affair with indoor spin started with Soul Cycle and the rest was history. Jessa is an avid lifter- you can be sure to find her in the gym regularly!


Favorite Healthy Snack: colorful bell peppers with laughing cow cheese and everything bagel seasoning.


For Fun: Outdoors, paddle boarding, hiking year around with her dog Lucy.


Favorite Cheat Meal: NYC pumpernickel everything bagel with scallion cream cheese.

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