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It's Already Been 2 YEARS!

We can hardly believe it, but we’re coming up on the two year anniversary of our opening at Battle Fitness! Time flies when you’re having fun, getting strong and reaching new goals!!!

Without you guys, our amazing members, Battle Fitness would not be what it is today and continuing to grow. We appreciate each and every member that walks through the door ready to work hard and tackle their goals!

"We appreciate the heck out of you!"

How we got started!

Battle Fitness originated as a small gym in Kingsley, called Paradise Valley Fitness, some of those members came over with us and are still here today! Jack and Jenny decided to purchase Paradise Valley Fitness with no intention of moving the business. The idea was to keep the gym in the

community, fix up and organize the business, and make it better from there. We did clean up the building the best we could, rearranged and painted equipment, added a few pieces…but there just wasn’t much space to work with! We looked for a place to move the gym while staying within range of the previous building. It simply proved impossible…so we came across the old warehouse building of All Automotive, where the gym is today.

The decision was made, the gym was going to relocate so we could expand and make it better for everyone! More space, better parking, more options to grow all while staying in range of the old location!

Weeks turned into months of renovation as Jack and me, with much help from friends, family, and crew worked nonstop to get the building in order, find systems that would manage memberships, a door system that allowed 24hour access, credit card processing, children’s room, waivers, and so much more while managing our other jobs. It was stressful to say the least… and took wayyyy longer than expected. But we were determined to make Battle Fitness everything that we wanted for ourselves and our members.

With more space, we thought we would have more than enough room to arrange equipment. We announced our opening to be the following Monday, finalizing the gym arrangement close to midnight Sunday evening.

But we did it! We were able to open the doors 2 years ago and haven’t looked back. Yes it was stressful and felt endless at the time. But we are so happy with how things are turning out. Memberships are growing, the bootcamps have been running practically nonstop…and now we are adding on!

Adding On

Our hopes for the addition are to add more classes, varying from spin classes to yoga to group lifting and more! The addition will have the open space to provide for a lot of these options, while opening up space in the original area so we can add more cardio machines and shuffle the lifting equipment around as we replace some of the older machines with better models.

Jack and I use the gym often for our own fitness goals which makes it hard to look away from improvements that can constantly be made and are always coming up with ideas to make things the best we can! After trying to rush the original project and set timelines on that, we do not want to announce a date for the addition to be open…it is coming along very quickly but there is still a lot to do!

We are super excited to keep growing and will try our best to keep everyone updated on the plans. We are very grateful to our members to keep the local business going and love that even as we continue to add to the memberships, we still have a great community feel and welcome fitness levels of all sorts!

"Win the day, win the battle!"

(231) 943-2794

2692 S M 37,

Traverse City, MI 49685