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Your Keys to Fitness Triumph

Have you ever told yourself that you are going to lose weight and get fit in time for spring….New Year’s resolutions anyone? But when warm weather rolls around, you find yourself still unsatisfied with your progress? Or just downright didn’t stick to the plan?

It’s easy to hide behind bulky winter clothes and keep saying “tomorrow”. But when oversized sweater-n-leggings seasons turns into “I’m sweating to death in this, but there is no way I’m wearing shorts until I get into shape.” And “Why didn’t I stick to the plan?”

Regret-proof your spring: set a deadline

The best way to protect yourself from a regrets and negative self-talk to set a deadline and start NOW. Deadlines are powerful motivators. Without a deadline, you really have no point to work toward. You have nothing pushing you.

We need to be pushed. We can’t do it ourselves. And that’s okay.

Deadlines create a sense of urgency. They help you position yourself to succeed, because that final date is always staring back at you. It forces you to prioritize and strategize. Otherwise, you will let things slide…you will keep putting off the workout, and insisting that tomorrow you will start eating better.

Without a deadline, tomorrow never comes.

It’s time to shake things up

If you keep doing what you have always done, you will get the results you have always gotten. It’s time to do something different. Ask yourself this question: If I keep doing what I am doing right now, will I achieve what I want to achieve? If you answered no, then it’s time for a change.

Get your calendar out and decide when you want to see your first wave of results. Be realistic: make sure you give yourself time to really dig in and see changes. But challenge yourself too—make it a little tough so you can take full advantage of the power of urgency.

Set specific criteria for your ultimate end-goal. Then break that down into small, micro-goals. If it is going to take 6 months, set goals every 6 weeks. Give yourself little rewards if you achieve them (not oreos).

Prevent deadline-creep: get competitive

But a deadline may not be enough. Why? Because you may be tempted to move it. Deadlines are not supposed to be moving targets! The best way to prevent deadline-creep is to get competitive. With yourself or others!

Entering into a competition or contest is a sure way to give you the edge you need to keep yourself on track and finish strong.

There is something very motivating about competing with others. Just knowing that your effort and results are going to be measured alongside others really will give you an extra boost in motivation. Or simply the accountability of checking in with a coach!

This is a time when a little peer pressure is useful! And you will find that those with whom you are in competition will also be your biggest supporters: they know exactly what you are going through and will be there to encourage you to keep moving. The competition part is normally just for fun and to light a fire under your butt! How many times have you tried to start getting into a fitness routine or lose weight on your own? Why didn’t it work?

Deadlines and contests form the perfect combination to guarantee your fitness success: put them to work for you! Spring is close enough to give you a push, but still far enough away to ensure that you have enough time to get some serious work done. Plan now to greet spring and warmer weather with no regrets!

*TIP* During goal setting, you should always use the S.M.A.R.T. goal setting guidelines!

A Few Ways You Can Set Yourself Up For Success

1. Do it yourself- set your big goal…and be specific! Then break down your ultimate goal into smaller 4-6 week goals so you can celebrate the small wins!

2. Get a group of friends/co-workers on board- set up a small group of accountability partners. Add in ways to keep each other accountable…and stick to it!

3. Get a trainer/coach- their job is to keep you on track and they know how to get you there using the most efficient path for you. Trainers can be great tools to utilize multiple times per week or even once a month! 4. Join a group fitness program/challenge- most group fitness programs will help you measure your progress while pushing your limits to do things you never knew you could do before!

Don’t discount the small wins…they lead to

sustainable results!

Win the day.


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