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70% of People Fail at Fitness...is that you??

Happy 2018!

8 Easy Steps to Help Your Resolutions

and Build New Habits!

Tired of setting new goals and not achieving them? Habits are difficult to break and difficult to create…try some new tactics. The trick is to break it down, start small! Most people can’t just wake up one day and be a brand new person that eats 7 serving of vegetable and wakes up early to go to the gym 5 days a week.

1. Focus on the New Habit

Pick one habit at a time to focus all of your energy into creating. This is slower but will increase the odds of success.

2. Commit for a Minimum of 30 Days

Some habits will be easier than others to create and break. The idea is to accomplish one for a while before adding another. Be sure you keep up on the ones you have already conquered!

3. Take Baby Steps

It’s easy to get over ambitious but some of the more difficult habits need to be broken down. If you want to eventually get the gym 5 days a week. Start with 2 or even 1! Then add to it each week until you reach your goals.

4. Make a Plan for Obstacles

We all know every day cannot be perfect. Make a plan for when things don’t go according to plan. How are you going to stick with it?

5. Create Accountability for Yourself

Post your goals on social media or tell your friends and family. Let them have weekly updates. Who knows? You might inspire someone else to take action!

6. Find a Friend

I bet there is someone you know that wants to better themselves too. Get together and create a plan you can keep each other on.

7. Treat Yourself!

It is important to give yourself a reward when you hit the big milestones. Set thee up ahead of time to have something to look forward to. I normally treat myself with new training shoes J

8. Build a New Identity

Once you officially establish the habit, it becomes a part of you and who you are. One day it will feel totally normal and you will forget the struggle.


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