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Can Your Fitness Goals Survive the Holidays?

Holiday Survival Tool #1

Eat slowly and to “satisfied” instead of “stuffed”

When eating slowly (and stopping at “satisfied” instead of “stuffed”) you can try all the delicious foods on the buffet without guilt or needing to “work it off later”. One day isn’t going to ruin everything. Enjoy the Holiday in moderation!

Holiday Survival Tool #2 How to stay in shape when you’re busy

People who want to get (and/or stay) fit will exercise diligently for months, only to get derailed by the holidays and “fall off the wagon” for the entire year.

That’s why we came up with this simple workout, which you can do no matter where the holidays take you.

Holiday Survival Tool #3 Eating well on the go.

The end of the year has most people bouncing from supermarket to mall to party to recital — not to mention the planes, trains, and automobiles routine if you’re traveling.

When you’re on the go, it can feel like navigating a nutritional minefield: Hunger signals overpowering, junk food everywhere, little time to sit down and eat your veggies.

Challenging, of course, but not impossible. With smart strategies you can eat well on the go no matter where life takes you.

-Eat a healthy meal before you leave the house...even if there will be food where you're going. It will help you eat less of the "bad stuff".

-Pack snacks in your purse or bag. Nuts, RX bars, apples, carrot sticks...

Holiday Survival Tool #4 How (and why) to make the perfect Super Shake

What’s a Super Shake? It’s a nutrient-packed, delicious, liquid meal that you can whip up and drink while you run around buying/wrapping 109 Christmas gifts, making cookies, and decorating the tree.

You see, letting yourself get too hungry is one of the best ways to end up over-drinking and overeating. And during the holidays, you don’t always have the time to prep a nice, balanced plate of protein, veggies, fruit, and healthy fats.

Super shakes are also great for those people that have trouble waking up to the alarm ad run out of time in the mornings. Try this one!

Holiday Survival Tool #5 Bring the Veggie Tray

Getting toward the end of the party and you find yourself snacking even though you’re not hungry. Another effective strategy to avoid gaining weight and body fat during the holidays? Eat lots and lots of veggies. They’re water-dense, calorie-sparse, and full of the nutrients you need to keep your energy and mood up for holiday party #32.

The only problem? Many holiday parties don’t even have Veggie trays…so bring one to share and save yourself at the same time!

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